An engagement in CSR - Ennolys
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An engagement in CSR


An engagement in CSR

Implementing a policy of Corporate Social Responsibility has become the norm in most sectors. But behind the communication there are concrete initiatives allowing companies to rally collaborators around common values. Ennolys endeavors to manage waste production at a corporate level but also across the coastline of the Landes region of France.


The importance of CSR

Committing to a CSR policy, a corporation’s societal responsibility, is essential in our times. CSR integrates all of the important aspects of a corporation, allows for risk identification and subsequent mastery of the issues. These measures taken have a positive impact on collaborators, the environment and the health of the corporation.

In addition, consumers are demanding more and more tranparency about actions taken by those in the food industry. Multiple scandals have hurt their confidence. Consumers are looking for brands that are involved and show it. In fact, 71% of consumers indicate that they would discontinue to purchase a certain brand if its producers espoused values that went against their own. It is therefore imperative that a company communicates well to the public.

Brands are now advocating for social subjects such as ecology. One of the most crucial points with regard to the environment is how to handle waste. It is this subject on which Ennolys has decided to focus its attention and involvement.


How we handle our waste?

At Ennolys, the handling of waste materials is a major subject in limiting our environmental imact. In fact, the production of vanilline creates waste initially distilled at the production site. Then 10% are handled by a subcontractor. The remaining 90% are broken down in a treatment center on site. This capacity has been doubled with a new 750m3 tank.

A new storage area has been created at our site allowing safer and effective handling. All of the waste products on site will be manages : packaging, distillation residue, and even electric and electronic remains. Thanks to this internal handling, transport and management of waste is decreased and secured.


Ennolys’ actions – Surfrider sponsorship

Surfrider Foundation Europe was created in 1990 by a group of surfers with a mission to protect lakes, rivers, oceans and the coastline. Present in 11 European countries, the foundation has 13,000 volunteers. Surfrider Foundation Europe gets involved in different areas :

  • Aquatic waste
  • Water quality
  • Coastline clean up
  • Climate change

Coastline waste collection and clean up along the European coastline. The Ocean Initiatives have been cleaning up lakes, rivers, and oceans for 24 years thanks to the association’s volunteers. 1420 clean up events were organized throughout Europe in 2018. They allowed for collection of over 6,000 bags of waste in the Bay of Biscay alone.


Ennolys has also become involved in the Bordeaux region with volunteer members and the Surfrider foundation. They are participating as well in a waste clean up event in 2020.


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