Ennolys puts its expertise at your service
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Our expertise

Ennolys puts its expertise at your service

Ennolys’ teams work daily on research and development
to offer you their expertise in natural products and fermentation.

Recherche et développement

Research and development, innovation is a priority for Ennolys

Each year, Ennolys invests 10% of its turnover in R&D. A dynamic multidisciplinary team (chemists, microbiologists, biotechnologists, aromaticians) works with semi-industrial production and post-processing equipment, as well as analytical equipment (HPLC, GC-MS coupled with SPME, GC-FID).


Natural properties at the heart of Ennolys

An aromatic molecule is said to be natural if it is naturally occurring, obtained by a natural process (physical, enzymatic or microbiological), or produced from natural raw materials (plant, animal or microbiological). Our quality department monitors the isotopic ratios of our raw materials, finished products and finished products on the market.


Our know-how: fermentation.

Ennolys offers you 30 years of experience in fermentation, with a flexible and efficient automated tool, a specialized team, expertise with micro-organisms (yeasts, bacteria and fungi), each production unit meeting the environmental, hygiene and safety standards.