Dairy products | Ennallin | Solutions and mixes
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Dairy products


Looking for dairy products with less fat?

Produits laitiers


Use our Ennallin Solutions & Mixes natural aromatic solutions (including natural vanillin) for creamy yogurts with an intense vanilla flavor.
The Mix Ennallin Butter is ​​a full natural aromatic solution providing a gourmet vanilla note by strengthening the creamy and caramel notes in your dairy products : ice creams, drinks with milk, yogurts…

Mix Ennallin Butter Benefits:

  • Intense Vanilla Taste
  • Buttery and caramel notes

Mix Ennallin Benefits:

  • Intense vanilla and subtle spicy notes taste

Strengthens the sweet flavor and reduces the acid flavor, the Mixes can be considered to improve the nutritional values ​​of your product. They also significantly increase the length in the mouth.

Use our Ennallin Solutions & Mixes natural aromatic solutions.

Try our Mixes !
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