Our know-how : Fermentation | Ennolys
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Our know-how: fermentation

  • 30 years of fermentation experience
  • A flexible and powerful automated tool
  • A dedicated team
  • An expertise in micro-organisms (yeasts, bacterias and fungies)
  • Each production unit meets the highest environmental, hygiene and safety standards.

A know-how in fermentation since 1992

ENNOLYS, an industrial company in the biotechnology sector, concentrates expertise and know-how in fermentation acquired since 1992. ENNOLYS specializes in the production of biomass and / or molecules of interest. 

The fermenters of different volumes make it possible to carry out very varied fermentation processes (batch, fed-batch, specific additions …) with a large diversity of microorganism strains (bacteria, yeasts, molds), while controlling cross contamination.


A rigorous monitoring

The productions are strictly monitored thanks to:

  • Technician teams working 24 hours a day
  • A diversified and consistent analytical area allowing to carry out a multitude of analyses during production
  • A constantly updated document system that gathers procedures, protocols.