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Water Family / Ennolys sponsorship


Water Family / Ennolys sponsorship

Ennolys organizes an outing on the theme of water management with the Water Family association

For several years now, Ennolys has been actively committed to a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach, seeking to integrate social and environmental concerns into its business activities and its relations with stakeholders. As part of this commitment, we have signed a three-year partnership with the Water Family association, an organization dedicated to raising awareness of scientific ecology, particularly around the theme of water.

A partnership for water conservation

As part of this partnership, we have launched an internal awareness-raising and training initiative for our employees, with an outing to a permaculture farm. The aim of this outing is to raise awareness among Ennolys employees and their families of the crucial importance of water conservation, and to promote permaculture practices. This educational farm in Saint André de Seignanx (Landes), which focuses on preserving ancient animal breeds and growing fruit and vegetables according to permaculture principles, offers an ideal learning ground for understanding the vital role of water in the ecosystem.

Awareness-raising and training for a concrete impact

During this outing, which took place on March 23, 2024, the 34 participants, made up of Ennolys employees and their families, had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of permaculture and learn hands-on. Planned activities included understanding the role of trees in the water cycle, biodiversity, soil permeability, as well as water redistribution and its link with animals. This learning was facilitated by interactive and educational workshops, including a workshop on making natural bird feeders from fragon to hang in the trees, and a workshop on wild mulberry cuttings.

Contribution to educational action

Ennolys also supported the Water Family association’s educational initiatives by making a donation. This financial contribution aims to strengthen the association’s educational initiatives with young people at school, thus helping to raise awareness of environmental conservation among future generations.

Impact: commitment, awareness-raising and team-building

This partnership with the Water Family association enables us to reinforce our commitment to responsible action in favor of environmental preservation. By involving employees and their families in this initiative, we have succeeded in raising awareness and mobilizing our teams around ecological issues. The outing to the farm also helped strengthen team spirit and cohesion within the company, illustrating the importance of such initiatives for corporate culture and employee commitment.

Buoyed by the positive impact of this partnership, we intend to pursue these CSR initiatives in the years to come. New collaborations with local associations and initiatives are in the pipeline, alongside the Water Family and our other partners!

In this way, we remain resolutely committed to a socially responsible approach, affirming our role as a responsible player in the preservation of the planet and the well-being of future generations!