Subcontracting in research and fermentation services
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Subcontracting in research and fermentation services

Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food processing, nutraceuticals, environmental … Many industrialists use fermentation processes without having the necessary resources internally. In order to assist them in their projects, Ennolys, a subsidiary of the Lesaffre International group, offers a full range of subcontracting services in R&D and custom fermentation: ENNATECH. This service benefits from the solid experience of the group in microbiology and biotechnology but also from the multidisciplinary skills of an expert team associated to the performance of flexible and multifunctional production tools. Optimal conditions to support the client’s project development towards their industrialization …

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An à la carte assistance, a customized fermentation

From the development of the product in the laboratory to industrialization, through the pilot stage, the dedicated ENNATECH teams assist their clients through a range of à la carte services:

  • Research and Development Contract,
  • Feasibility tests,
  • Customized Fermentation Outsourcing
  • Microbial Biomass Production
  • Molecules of interest produced by fermentation

Ennatech offers a full turnkey service based on R&D protocols and optimized technologies according to the client’s resources and needs.

This customized fermentation service carries the know-how acquired by Ennolys in the microbiological production of natural molecules: on yeasts but also on fungi or on bacteria, which opens the process up to any type of microorganism. It is also rich in the fermentation specialist range of skills: biochemists, microbiologists, geneticists, enzymologists … and state-of-the-art technological installation support: culture rooms, clean rooms, pilot and industrial fermenters, enzymatic reactors …

The high-tech equipment offered by ENNATECH is highly flexible and adapts to the numerous needs of the client in terms of fermentation: high-performance analytical equipment, 1L to 50m3 tanks, aerobic or anaerobic fermentation.


A modular tool for the production of customized molecules of interest

In addition to the availability of its biofermenters, ENNATECH also stands out for its production of customized microorganisms or molecules thanks to post treatment services such as:

  • Recovery of the molecule by filtration / concentration / extraction / crystallization
  • distillation,
  • and since 2015, freeze-drying: a process which better protects the microorganism than the simple conventional atomization, in order to preserve all its original properties.

Combined with its fermentation expertise, Ennolys offers freeze-drying contract manufacturing services. This process consists in dehydrating a sensitive product, previously frozen, by sublimation of the ice, at very low temperature and under vacuum. Two freeze dryers of 30 m2 surface are used for the drying of probiotic bacteria or biological assets. Use of additive to the product to be dried, the grinding, sieving and packaging (if necessary under vacuum) of the powders can complete the offer.

These post-treatment stages enable the production of a wide range of molecules by customized natural assets: probiotic bacteria, molecules of interest, cosmetic active agents and can even be extended to more targeted sectors such as environmental products or babyfood.

ENNATECH develops this wide range of processes in line with the technical, economic and environmental constraints of the various fields of application, which ensures its client full production management. From the microorganism to the molecule of interest, the full process is managed on site and internally, without intermediary or transport, and consequently without quality degradation.


Excellence in terms of quality and tools: ENNATECH at the cutting-edge

ENNATECH, a subcontractor in industrial fermentation and post-treatment, benefits from FSSC 22000 certifications. In order to meet the industry’s highest standards, the policy of its quality control department focuses on the standards in force in the various fields of activity such as the Pharma GMP. Management of the culture collection and the microbiological and physicochemical analyses are also part of its mission to guarantee an irreproachable level of quality to the products and effluents.

With its multidisciplinary expertise of the state-of-the-art fermenters and lyophilizers, ENNATECH “lends” its know-how and its tools to help each client to implement on an industrial scale any R&D project for the extraction of natural molecules, from start to finish, from the microorganism to the customized molecule.