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CSR commitment and actions at Ennolys


CSR commitment and actions at Ennolys

For several years now, Ennolys has been committed to a CSR approach organized around economic, environmental and social pillars. As a manufacturer, the role we can and must play in protecting our planet and our fellow human beings is of the utmost importance, and the producer of natural flavors is well aware of this.

Ennolys, committed by nature

Both Lesaffre and Ennolys share the same motivation: “Doing business together to better feed and protect the planet”. The CSR of the group and its unit is based on shared commitments:

– Caring for people

– Sustainable activities by nature

– Caring for the environment

Thanks to the range of aromatic molecules it produces, the Lesaffre group’s unit offers food industry players a means of improving the nutritional quality of their products, and thus better nourishing consumers. While maintaining organoleptic qualities, fat and sugar content can each be reduced by 30%. In addition, the benefits of naturalness and clean-labelling flow logically from fermentation know-how. By enabling the vegetalization of foodstuffs or a reduction in the list of ingredients in formulas, its application also fits in perfectly with these approaches. In itself, Ennolys’ activity meets sustainable objectives. However, the company is determined to do more than just its own business, and to this end is multiplying and varying its CSR efforts and actions.

Multiple CSR actions

Professional projects

Over the years, Ennolys has been proud to be involved in a wide range of projects.

On site, the company is dedicated to protecting the planet on its own scale through a variety of actions. Great attention is paid to resource management. In addition to sourcing from non-exhaustible resources, water is reused and wasted less and less, and more energy-efficient equipment will soon be installed. Another measure is the regular assessment of Ennolys’ carbon footprint, so that reduction measures can be adapted as necessary. Finally, by reducing noise, odour and light pollution, and by recycling waste and industrial water, the impact on the surrounding biodiversity is limited.

Employee well-being is also one of our top priorities on a day-to-day basis. This is addressed through various levers of action such as safety, quality of life and recruitment, and is reflected in concrete actions: behavioral safety visits, awareness-raising on this theme, internal events aimed at strengthening cohesion, creation of 40 jobs in six years, etc.

A commitment to associations

Ennolys’ CSR actions also extend beyond the professional sphere. For several years, we have been working with Surfrider Foundation, an NGO dedicated to protecting the oceans. This meeting gave rise to a DIY workshop on zero-waste cleaning products and a garbage collection on the beach at Soustons. The result was 7 x 40L bags of garbage! Other local associations and events are also supported by Ennolys: the Soustons rugby club, the rowing club and the 10 km Fêtes de Soustons.

CSR actions yet to come

Ennolys intends to build on the success of its previous CSR initiatives. In 2024, a new 3-year partnership with Water Family will be launched. Since 2009, Water Family has been working to educate people about scientific ecology, with a particular focus on water. Its actions include the production of teaching aids for pupils and teachers, training and support for companies, local authorities and leisure centers, outdoor experiences in contact with nature, and militant action to make scientific ecology a subject taught in class.

Working alongside this association will be an opportunity to convey vital messages while uniting Ennolys employees. United by a common desire to protect our planet and our health, we’re sure to see some great actions!