Ennarom | Natural aromatic molecules
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Our solutions

Ennolys offers you 3 solutions for all of your applications

Ennolys develops a wide range of natural aromatic molecules, including vanillin intended for aromaticians,
the food industry, perfumery and nutraceutical industries.

Ennarom Sommaire

Ennarom, natural aromatic molecules

Ennolys offers natural aromatic molecules for all applications: lactones, aldehydes, acids…


Ennalin, your natural vanillin.

Our natural vanillin, obtained by fermentation of ferulic acid, is characterized by a vanilla note ideal for food and cosmetic applications.
Ennallin comes in the form of white crystals with an intense and unique organoleptic profile.
Ennolys develops different mixtures to meet your specific needs.


Ennatech, subcontracting in research and customized fermentation 

This service benefits from the solid experience of the group in microbiology and biotechnology but also from the multidisciplinary skills of an expert team associated to the performance of flexible and multifunctional production tools.