Natural vanillin that meets the natural consumers requirements
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Ennallin natural vanillin

Natural vanillin that meets the natural consumers requirements


Vanilla: the natural aroma which became the consumer’s favorite flavor

Nearly 6 centuries after its discovery by the Aztecs, vanilla has undoubtedly conquered humans to become the number 1 flavor in the world. A flavor so special issuing from a molecule: the vanillin! Ultra pure, the Ennallin vanillin comes from natural raw materials carefully selected, synthesized on the basis of a natural process: fermentation. In line with the international regulatory requirements, clients’ requirements for natural properties and the world’s production needs, this natural aromatic molecule raises Ennolys, the Lesaffre subsidiary, to reference partner status in the vanilla flavor market for the food, perfume and cosmetic industries.

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Ennolys: a vanillin workshop dedicated to Ennallin

Located near Bordeaux, Ennolys, a Lesaffre subsidiary, is specialized in the production of natural ingredients by biotechnology. This business unit of 100 people includes a team dedicated to the development of the leading aromatic molecule in the Ennarom range: natural vanillin Ennallin. The vanillin is obtained by bioconversion of ferulic acid present in some cereal grains (rice, maize, wheat). This fermentation with the help of a bacteria results, after extraction and purification, in the precious vanillin molecule “ex ferulic acid” being obtained.

Since June 2014, Ennolys has had its own purification workshop. The latest generation in industrial tools ensuring the production of 99% pure crystals, which are ultra-white, and uniform, with remarkable stability. Its fermentation site, also located in the Landes region, has, meanwhile, seen its production capacity recently strengthened by the acquisition of 2 high volume fermenters. A quest for performance and excellence also shared by the Ennolys R&D department, ensures the constant development of new natural aromatic molecules.

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Ennallin: a unique, natural brand combining quality, stability and longevity

Certified Kosher and Halal, the Ennallin natural aromatic molecules meet the European (EC 1334/2008) and American (in compliance with the FDA 101.22 (3) directives) regulation requirements related to natural flavoring substances. This vanilla flavor ensures both a raw material and a natural process. With the limited production capacity of natural vanilla pods, the Ennallin natural vanillin offers a constant availability. Since its production is not affected by climatic and local risks (diseases, crop poverty, etc.), its cost remains fixed and attractive. This biotechnological vanillin also benefits from a stable aromatic profile, served by the unparalleled expertise of Lesaffre in natural fermentation.

Sustainable development requirements, consumer requests for natural properties, industrial and aromaticians’ cost constraints… It meets all of these requirements, and the Ennallin natural flavor constitutes a valuable alternative to provide a natural label to the finished products from the food industries, perfumery and cosmetics sectors.


The depth and roundness of natural vanillin at the service of industry

Ennallin is a natural aromatic molecule with a dominant vanilla note accompanied by hints of milk and almonds as well as sweet and powdery aspects.

Used alone or in formulation, with the ability to provide depth and roundness, Ennallin meets the aromaticians’ and food manufacturers’ expectations. This natural vanillin is, indeed, able not only to improve the maintenance and aftertaste of a flavor but also to break down the acidity or mask the bitterness of certain food components.

The breadmaking is a key area of development for Ennallin. Ennolys works closely with the Lesaffre Baking Center ™, with strong know-how in the “finished flavor” applications. Operational solutions have been developed for the benefit of the bakery professionals, facilitating, for example, dosage: vanillin mix diluted on support, customized vanillin / acetoin  … The tests carried out have proven to be very successful for the production of madeleines with a dosage of 0.4% and for the brioche with a 50 to 100ppm dosage, dosages that allow a further reduction of sugar by approximately 30%.

This natural flavor fits perfectly into the following different food categories:

  • dairy products (ice creams, yogurts …),
  • chocolate,
  • beverages (especially alcoholic),
  • specialized dietetic products for sport or weight-loss,
  • baby food products …

Beyond the agri-food industry, Ennallin is also attracting the interest of perfume producers and edible cosmetic producers: lipstick, balms, toothpastes … Advanced research are also ongoing in the nutraceutical and functional food sectors.


To meet the specific needs of the industry, Ennolys has developed different mixtures with its natural vanillin to create the Solutions & Mixes in the Ennallin range. This range offers solutions to strengthen a buttery note and increase the sweet sensation. Try this range that combines taste and natural intensity, offering a label: natural flavor.

Ennolys completes its range and launches a new Mix coconut.


Mix Ennallin Butter makes your biscuits even more exquisite


Test with Mix Ennallin Butter to reduce fat by 30%.

Dairy products

More intense caramel note with Mix Ennallin Butter

Fruit preparation

Mix Ennallin intensifies the fruity notes


Chocolate Mix Ennallin Butter provides caramel and creamy notes