Ennallin is in agreement with the « One Health » concept - Ennolys
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Ennallin is in agreement with the « One Health » concept

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Ennallin is in agreement with the « One Health » concept

Today, consumers are leaning towards natural and durable products. The « One Health » concept is defined by a close link between consumer health and the health of the planet. New challenge for manufacturers : offering products that are healthy and that respect the environment. Ennolys offers a durable solution with its natural vanilline Ennalin and its brand Ennallin Solutions & Mixes. The stakes are high for this vanilla : it is used in a number of different manners (pastries, cookies, dairy products, drinks, chocolate…). However, it’s production is unstable due to climate conditions, its cost is high,  but its quality has been recently improved. We note that today the demand is less than supply ! The Madagascar government is currently working to make their vanilla more attractive from a price perspective.


Fermentation-based, Ennallin is addressing these issues as much regarding the nutritional value as its sustainability.


« Less but better », a new challenge for manufacturers


The « One Health » concept encourages consumers and food-industry manufacturers to look toward more natural and more durable products. We integrate multiple components to illustrate the change in our company: a composition of more natural products, the « without »  trend (without GMOs, without additives, without preservatives, …), more durable packaging, and more generally, a way of consuming and producing that respect the environment. Society s evolving toward new challenges: linking enjoyment and health through innovations and solutions without losing site of the products’ organoleptic aspect.


Consumers looking for nutritional simplicity


Today, consumers are looking for naturalness, simplicity, but also attractive pricing. Product naturalness, ingredient naturalness, packaging simplicity, and a short ingredient list are at the heart of consumer interest. This translates to 83% of French people that declare they pay attention to the natural character of the products they purchase[1].  Preoccupied with composition, they focus on nutritional values and ingredients listed on the labels. In fact, 81% of French people look at the composition of products while they are shopping[2].  For 7 out of 10 French people, they focus on sugar content (63%), the presence of additives (66%), fat content (56%), and the presence of preservatives (55%)[3]. In searching for nutritional simplicity, consumers today have expectations in accordance with their health and the environment.


Ennallin associates itself with the « One Health » concept


Fermentation-based vanilline for increased sustainability


Ennolys’ vanilline answers the challenge of sustainability. Made through fermentation, its availability is more and more important in terms of cost or in terms of production which is ongoing. Fermentation is an ancient process defined as a transformation that certain organic raw materials undergo by the action of microorganisms.

At Ennolys, raw materials and microorganisms are carefully chosen. The fermentation process occurs in a bioreactor by bioconversion, with phases of separation, extraction, purification, distillation and crystallization to achieve the final product.

Ennolys responds to issues with sustainability encountered by vanilla flavouring.


Multiple sensory properties to satisfy customers


The Ennailin Solution and Mixes brand answers to the needs of manufacturers focused on the consumers’ enjoyment and health. In fact, different natural vanilline-based mixes offer sensorial advantages to the products.

At the heart of the brand, Ennallin Mix augments fruity notes. Additionally, it maintains the products’ sugary taste, which can therefore be reduced in sugar, all the while delivering vanilla notes.

The Ennallin Butter Mix delivers butter and caramel notes. It can be used to bring a delicateness to cookies, flavor cakes, to give a vanilla note to dairy products, or even bring caramel and creamy aspects to chocolate for example.

In 2019, Ennolys launched the Coco Mix, increasing sugary sensations while delivering a coconut flavor, as is indicated by the name.


Nutritional qualities with less sugar and fat content


Ennolys offers flavors in which the nutritional qualities allow us to favor the health of the consumer. In fact, Ennolys’ flavors bring out the sugary, creamy and buttery perception of products. This allows manufacturers to reduce the fat content (notably butter) to 30% in a product. In addition, the flavors can mask off-notes, such as the bitterness of chocolate, by rounding out the cacao notes in the mouth. The Ennolys secret : improving the nutritional value of products by reinforcing the sugar and butter tastes.


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