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Ennarom, serving flavourists


Ennarom, serving flavourists

Fermentation is a complex process used today in many different sectors such as agrifood, nutracetical, cosmetic or pharmaceutical industry. At Ennolys, we have developed a certain know-how allowing us to offer a large range of natural-flavour molecules destined for flavourists. This is ENNAROM.


Quality natural fermentation-induced flavours

Fermentation is a natural and artisanal process. Ennolys’ expertise has made it possible to industrialise this process with the help large-volume fermenters, a distillation workshop, and a freeze dryer, by developing natural ingredients via a microbiological pathway. To do so, we call on natural processes : bioconversion and biosynthesis. The naturalness of the raw materials and the extraction methods (liquid/liquid or solid/liquid separation, crystallization and microfiltration) allowing for procurement of quality and natural flavour molecules.

Our natural flavour molecule production follows European and American regulations. They are also Kosher and Halal certified. Therefore, we are able to offer a high quality and traceable natural range of products. This spectrum thereby carries the “natural flavour” label.


The Ennaron range of products destined for flavourists

Ennarom is composed of a range of natural flavour molecules, with unique olfactory and gustatory profiles. These molecules can be used by flavourists and perfumers in formulas destined for the agrifood, perfume and cosmetic industries.

Many types of molecules are offered:

  • Aldehydes: they allow for obtention of a fresh and green flavour note. Acetaldehyde is used in the floral and fruity composition of citrus fruits by intensifying these notes and providing a natural sensory side to food and cosmetic products.
  • Acids: they bring fruity flavours and milky notes. For example, this is the case of butyric acid which creates a strawberry flavour. In higher levels, butyric acid can reinforce cheese notes and is therefore used often in this domain.
  • Lactones: they are able to provide products with fruity notes such as peach and slightly mentholated coconut. We obtain this by natural fatty acid fermentation bringing creamy notes and roundness.

Each molecule has a targeted field of application. Cheese, beverages, or even sweets channels can specifically use Ennaron’s range of products.

3 criteria specifically characterize the flavours of this product line: traceability, quality, and naturalness. They reply to the flavourists’ requirements in different sectors offering solutions to match the current market demand.