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Ennolys and nutritional improvement 

Ennolys and nutritional improvement 

Naturalness, clean label, nutritional quality: growing consumer demands


From day to day, consumer interest for products with less fat, less sugar, and better for their health continues to grow.

Today’s consumer is also looking for food that is health but also planet conscious. Clean label, naturalness, and transparency are thus criteria that represent some of their expectations.


The industry’s principal goal is then to innovate and offer solutions that respond to these expectations without losing sight of the organoleptic aspect.


Ennolys’ solutions : bringing answers to the nutritional challenges


Thanks to its different flavors and mixes, Ennolys offers solutions to the industry hoping to answer consumer expectations without making concessions or sacrifices on taste.


  • Reduce the amount of fats and sugars


Ennallin Solutions and Mixes are a brand of natural flavors stemming from Ennallin (eg. Ennallin Butter Mix with buttery and caramel notes), allow for reduction in fats and sugars in products.


  • Thanks to mixes (Creamy and Ennallin Butter), the amount of fats in the finished products can be reduced as much as 30% for BVP industry, cookies and dairy products.
  • Ennallin Mix allows for an increased sugar taste thanks to its vanilla notes, and therefore allows for up to a 30% decrease in sugar content in the BVP and cookies, and up to 20% in dairy products. This mix can also serve to decrease acidity and bitterness.


Thanks to support from our teams, these solutions therefore allow for preservation of all of the products’ organoleptic qualities : taste, texture, and enjoyment are maintained.


  • Accompanying the plant-based trend


Due to the presence of vegetable proteins, plant-based products can sometimes present with a certain bitterness, or cardboard taste, which are not enjoyable to the consumer. Our natural and vegan flavors allow for preservation of good organoleptic qualities, without sacrificing naturalness. Eventual displeasing off-notes are masked thanks to vanilla, buttery, milky or even coconut notes.


  • Response to the search for naturalness

Ennolys’ solutions allow for answers to numerous demands for nutrition and taste but also naturalness.

In fact, thanks to our fermentation know-how, all of our flavors are natural and hold the « natural flavor » label defined by European and American guidelines.
Our 30-year experience in microorganisms and fermentation today allows us to offer quality and varied natural flavors.
In addition, the raw materials used to make our flavors are also natural.


Do you have a plan to improve the nutritional make-up of your products? Contact us!