Ennolys turns 30 - Ennolys
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Ennolys turns 30

Ennolys turns 30

This year, Ennolys celebrates 30 years! It’s a wonderful opportunity to reflect on its history and know-how. Since 1992, we continue to offer natural fermentation-induced flavor molecules.

The history of Ennolys

Our story begins in 1992 with the creation of Safisis, a Lesaffre branch for flavor molecules. Our activity will grow with the development and installation of our distillation workshop in 1998, serving custom fermentation contracts in 2004 and the Vanillin workshop in 2014.
It was in 2015 that Safisis officially became Ennolys with our 3 brands: Ennarom, Ennalin andEnnatech. This name change was followed by improvement in the expertise and effectiveness of the
company, thanks to the implementation of a freeze dryer and 2 new fermenters. A second freeze dryer was added in 2017.
In 2019, we reinforced our expertise in vanillin with the workshop expansion. In keeping with our investments, we opened a vanillin fermentation line as well as a new logistical warehouse in 2020.
Our story continued in 2021 with 2 new partnerships:
– With AFYREN: exclusive distribution in Europe for natural acids in the flavor and perfume marketplace;
– With the Surfrider Foundation: NGO support working towards the protection and saving of the ocean in order to cement our commitment to the planet.

An expertise and know how built over 30 years

For the past 30 years, we have developed our expertise in R&D and more specifically in fermentation.


At Ennolys, innovation is a priority. In order to offer high-quality products, we have committed ourselves to production from A to Z. For this, we benefit from a dynamic team of varied specializations: chemists, microbiologists, biotechnologists, flavorists, etc.
Our factories are endowed with industrial production and post-treatment as well as analytic equipment.
Thanks to our expertise in Research and Development, Ennolys is able to dedicate ourselves to a variety of projects, natural molecules, improving strain yield, or even outsourcing biotechnology.


Ennolys offers fermentation expertise acquired since 1992.
Our expertise relies significantly on the performance of our equipment. Our different fermenters as well as the distillation workshop allow us to produce in large quantities without diminished quality. Moreover, our production factories are highly monitored. They observe environmental, hygiene and strict security norms. To this is added traceability and strict monitoring thanks to regular analysis to insure irreproachable food security.

Let us underline that Ennolys products are entirely Made in France.

Our fermentation expertise allows us therefore to offer a variety of of fermented products that correspond to the growing market demand and, above all, satisfy the product quality expected by our
clients. We, therefore, put everything in place to successfully achieve the FSSC 22000 certification in April 2022.
Thanks to our understanding of fermentation and our R&D know how, we are thus experts in naturalness. In fact, our molecules are produced from raw materials and natural processes. The
isotopic ratios are systematically verified. In order to celebrate our birthday, we are organizing a daytime and an evening event in June for employees this year! We are proud today to have developed trusting relationships and partnerships with our clients in these 30 years. From now on, we are heading towards a promising future where innovation, increased growth of natural products, our digital development, and our position of corporate social responsibility (CSR) will allow us to continue growing in the flavor industry!