The aromatic profile of natural vanillin - Ennolys
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The aromatic profile of natural vanillin

The aromatic profile of natural vanillin

Our experts’ interview – Ennolys – Flavors – What is the aromatic profile of natural vanillin?

Ennallin, fermantation-based natural vanillin

Ennallin is a natural flavor substance obtained through natural fermentation. Durable, competitive, and qualitative, Ennallin presents an alternative choice for industries concerned about the development of products responding to consumer demands with regard to naturalness and durability.

Ennallin mixes perfectly with many different food matrices : dairy products, chocolate, cookies and cakes, certain alcohol-containing beverages, health and nutritional products (sport, diet…), fruit formulations…to bring a delicious hint of vanilla, a round and full mouth feel.

The many advantages of vanillin:

  • Providing notes of vanilla accompanied by milky and almond hints
  • Decreasing acidity
  • Limiting bitterness of certain food components
  • Hiding off-notes
  • Reducing the sugar content in sweets