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Precision fermentation at Ennolys

Precision fermentation at Ennolys

Fermentation is an ancestral procedure used today for a wide variety of applications, notably in agri-food or even cosmetics.

Precision fermentation, however, goes further by creating molecules of specific interest.

Discover the benefits of fermented products and Ennolys’ expertise in precision fermentation.


The potential of fermented products

Fermentation is a transformation undergone by certain organic materials by the action of microorganisms. It is based on empiric know-how because the first fermented foods date back to 13,000 BC[1].

And fermentation offers many benefits:

  • Preservation: the microorganisms used prevent formation of pathogenic ones.
  • Nutritional qualities: fermentation allows for the increase in the amount of vitamins and fatty acids in foods. For example, a fermented vegetable-based food could become rich in vitamin B12.
  • Durability:
    • Anti-waste and upcycling approach : fermentation allows for an increase in the preservation time and valorizes foods destined for waste.
    • Vegetalizing Western diets : improving the vegetable-based foods available.
    • Valorizing local producers and products.
  • Clean Label, at the crossroads between naturalness and durability: by avoiding the addition of preservatives and/or coloring, the list of ingredients is reduced.

Fermentation continues to develop and is today the origin of many of our daily products. Of which, one can find ingredients made from Ennolys’ fermentation.


Focus on precision fermentation

Precision fermentation goes beyond traditional fermentation. In fact, it consists of production of specific functional ingredients thanks to the intervention of carefully chosen microorganisms. Enzymes, flavors, proteins, vitamins, natural coloring, and others : these ingredients improve the functional and sensory characteristics of the products in which they are used.

This means of fermentation leaves nothing to chance and requires a significant level of expertise.

Precision fermentation therefore allows for the production of ingredients with a heightened level of purity, otherwise destined to be incorporated in small quantities in finished producs.

Notably, it allows for the perfect reproduction of molecules present in nature, using less water, less land and less energy.



At the heart of Ennolys’ activity : precision fermentation-based ingredients

At Ennolys, we have been developing our expertise in precision fermentation since 1992.

For many years, we have offered fermentation-based natural flavor molecules.

Production of these flavors hinges on many parameters :

  • The quality of the raw material and the microorganism(s) in use,
  • Oxygenation,
  • Lipid quantity : fatty acids being the precursors of flavor compounds,
  • And finally, temperature.


Ennolys has available a specific know-how regarding fermentation and thus guarantees a rigorous management of these parameters. We use adapted equipment : fermenters,  a freeze dryer, and even a distillation workshop. Thanks to the use of these tools, we are able to produce large quantities while maintaining the quality of our ingredients.

This experience in precision fermentation allows us to produce specific flavor molecules with numerous advantages :

  • Numerous organoleptic qualities: notes of butter, caramel, coconut, vanilla, cream, etc.
  • Nutritional benefits: boost of perceived sweet and buttery flavors allowing to decrease their quantity in the finished products.
  • Durable ingredients: take our vanilline for example. In fact, vanilline comes from carbon chemistry and therefore petroleum. Vanilla is not available throughtout the year and its cost evolves regularly. At Ennolys, we offer our Ennallin flavor solution: vanilline produced from upcycled raw material in a consistent and natural manner over time through precision fermentation.


With some hindsight, our product lines are well-matched with current durability, clean label and nutritional health trends.

The Ennallin Solution and Mixes product line is comprised of multiple mixes:

  • Ennallin Mix: vanilla notes, which increase the sweet sensation.
  • Ennallin Butter Mix: creamy buttery notes which allow for the decrease in fat content in certain products such as brioches.
  • Creamy Mix: smooth notes without adding fat.
  • Coco Mix: coconut taste, increased mouthfeel.

These mixes can therefore be integrated into a large diversity of finished products all the while addressing industry needs.


Would you like to know more about our expertise in precision fermentation? Please contact us.


[1]INRAE, Le potentiel insoupçonné des aliments fermentés, 2023.