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Products with reduced fat content

Ice cream

Products with reduced fat content

The role of fats


Fats ares naturally present in many foods. They provide our bodies with the energy necessary for normal physiologic function. Fats are naturally present in a visible fashion in our diets (butter, oils) or in an invisible fashion. In fact, they can be naturally present in a specific food or added during production ; such is the case for trans fatty acids.

There are three types of fatty acids :

  • Unsaturated fatty acids are present in certain vegetable oils (canola, olive, linseed), in oleaginous fruits (avocado, nuts) and in certain fish (salmon, sardines). Eaten in the recommended amounts, they contribute to cardiovascular heath.
  • Saturated fatty acids are present in certain oils such as palm or those produced from animal products (meats, cheese, butter). Their consumption leads to cardiovascular disease.
  • Trans fatty acides or oils/hydrogenated fats are often used in the food industry as preservatives and stabilizer for certain products such as pizza, pastries, etc. They are also associated with an increased risk of cardiovasular disease. [1]


Consumers are looking for products that are low in fat content


In the aisles, consumers can find products labelled « low-fat ». To use this label, those in the food industry must abide by a rule : the product must have at least a 30% reduction in fat compared to a similar product.


On the consumer side, 25% of French people regularly purchase low-fat products. [2] On occasion, for dietary purposes but also with the goal of limiting their sugar and fat intake.


Even if the low-fat product market is in decline since the 2000s, there is a greater demand for natural and « free » products. In addition, studies have shown the negative side effects of artificial substitutes. Consumers are thus turning towards natural ingredient-based products.


Ennolys’ solutions


To accompany the food industry in formulating products with less fat, Ennolys has developed fermentation-based solutions.: Ennallin Solutions and Mixes. Thanks to the use of certain molecules, the amount of butter can be decrease by 30% in some product preparations.


These mixes can be used in many food preparations such as chocolate, brioches, milk products or drinks. The Ennalin Butter Mix and the Creamy Mix offer a subtle note of vanilla and/or notes of butter, cream, and caramel in your milk-based products. This is ideal for adding more smoothness without adding fat. These mixes allow for addition nutritional value of your products while reinforciing the perception of sugar and butter. They can also mask the off-notes, such as the bitterness of chocolate, while improving the mouthfeel.


Compliant with requirements for flavored substances by European (CE 1334 :2008) and American (natural US according to FDA directives 101.22(3)), Ennolys’ flavor products are natural and long-lasting solutions for the food, cosmetic, and neutracetical industries.


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