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Quality and safety: priorities for Ennolys

Quality and safety: priorities for Ennolys

At Ennolys, our priority is to guarantee quality and security on a daily basis.

Therefore, we strive to improve every day focusing on food quality and safety as well as the safety of our partners.


1.    Growing involvement in food quality and safety

Our involvement in food quality and safety focus first and foremost on certifications :

  • In 2021, we revalidated our ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 Through these certifications we are engaged in a program of quality to guarantee food security, traceability, and performance.
  • 2022 is marked by obtaining the FSSC 22000 This new certification guarantees that the products we produce are safe and healthy for consumers. In addition, this allows us to answer demands of the international markets with regard to food safety.


And our involvement doesn’t stop there. The quality and polyvalence of Ennolys’ solutions is ensured by different aspects, from raw materials to the marketed product:

  • Firstly, our products are available with multiple labels: NAT Europe, Kosher and Halal certifications, CRC (Controlled Reasoned Culture) and Guaranteed Made-In-France for yeast solution. In addition, our solutions are compatible with vegan products.
  • Next, Ennolys favors the use of labeled packaging: Eco label, PEFC, ISO 9706. Thes labels guarantee the quality of our conditioning and speak to our aim to reduce Ennolys’ environmental impact.
  • Finally, we focus on fermentation expertise, obtained since 1992. Our know-how is based on a multi-disciplinary team and performant semi-industrial equipment. Raw materials used in the production of our solutions are carefully selected. We are therefore able to offer natural and quality flavor molecules.


2.    Ennolys commits to the safety of its partners

One of Ennolys’ priorities is to guarantee the safety of its partners on a daily basis. In this way we are strongly involved on different levels.

This begins with daily sensitivity and awareness of our employees via internal communications. We communicate regularly on the subject of the QHSE practices, and promote safety flashes. This allows for rapid and up-to-date safety information on precise subjects of the moment.

During each meeting related to production, we carry out a mandatory focus on safety.

The safety culture and efforts that are closely linked are essential components in our company. We have instated safety visits with each of our partners. The objective is to reach 100% of people visited once a year.


In conclusion, safety includes maintaining health and well-being for all of our employees. We have invested in improving infrastructure and work sites in our locations.


Would you like to implement these quality and safety goals in your products ? Please contact us.