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Reduction in sugar content

Reduction in sugar content

Sugar content reduction thanks to fermentation-induced flavors

Today, sugar is omnipresent on our plates, and even in foods in which we would never expect. This is the case in tomato sauces, prepared cooked dishes and even certain soups , in which the sugar content is quite significant. In fact, the food industry uses sugar in many of its products for many reasons. Notably, it allows for enhanced product flavor, augmented shelf-life, decreased acidity of certain foods, as a colorant or even the browning of cookies/biscuits via the Maillard reaction. However, sugar, and mainly hidden sugar, is more frequently negatively identified with its link to chronic illnesses such as obesity and diabetes. Conscious consumers look for foods with the lowest sugar content possible. It is for this reason that 63% of them look first for sugar on the nutritional label of food products [1].


Many members of the food industry have already begun reducing the sugar content in their preparations but this is not always a simple task. Consumers, accustomed to the taste of sugar primarily look for this pleasing taste. The challenge for the food industry is offering products that are simultaneously enjoyable with the least amount of sugar. Ennolys’ natural flavors provide a solution to this challenge.


Ennolys’ natural flavors, allies in sugar content reduction

To help manufacturer in product formulation, Ennolys has developed a range of fermentation-induced molecules both flavorful and fonctional : ENNALIN Solutions and Mixes. Thanks to the use of some of these molecules, sugard content in certain food preparations can be reduced by up to 30%.

So as to better answer client needs, these Mixes can be used in many different food preparations such as dairy products, cookies/biscuits, chocolate, fruit-based products, or drinks. Offering a subtle vanilla flavor with milky and almond notes, this allows for a reduction in the sugar content of these products.

Ennalin Solutions and Mixes allows for an increased perception of sugar in a product, and thus reduced its sugar content. As such, the Coco Mix provides a sensory boost of sugary and buttery flavors while offering an intense coconut taste.

According to the demands of the European (CE 1334/2008) and American (natural US per FDA directive 101.22(3)) rules pertaining to natural flavors, Ennolys’ flavor additives represent natural and lasting solutions for food, cosmetic and nutraceutical industry professionals.


[1] Market research study conducted by YouGov on 1031 French people in November 2018.