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Solutions that are in line with the clean label

Solutions that are in line with the clean label

Consumers are increasingly attentive to their food choices: health-related, environmental, ethical, etc. Many criteria guide their decision-making process. Suspicious of manufacturers, they demand clear and comprehensive information. They are no longer looking for enhanced products but more so for those that are additive and preservative-free. We have therefore seen an increase in the number of products “free”: artificial ingredient-free, GMO-free, gluten-free, etc. 82% of French people confirm no longer consuming certain foods due to their contents and 53% of these avoid colorants and preservatives. Ennolys’ natural fermentation-derived flavors are well integrated in a clean label process and allow concerned manufacturers to address this demand.

During this unprecedented confinement period, food choice is paramount. The key is to continue healthy and balanced eating habits. This is the time to cook varied meals and to limit eating ultra-modified products.


What is the clean label?

Currently, there is no official or regulatory definition of the clean label. However, many fundamental criteria describe this phenomenon. One of the principal criteria is the simplification of recipes. Ultimately, the consumer becomes lost in the seemingly limitless list of ingredients. Therefore, the goal is to limit, as much as possible, the number of ingredients and, most importantly, those that are artificial and allergenic. In turn, it is necessary to replace them with naturally-occurring ingredients. It is also preferred to privilege ingredients known to the consumer and in line with the base product. First adopted in certain food industry sectors, notably premade cooked meals, this phenomenon extends today to all food products and even cosmetics. More than a simple fad, the clean label represents a real paradigm shift in our approach to food. Therefore, even though it is a completely voluntary approach on the part of companies, the clean label addresses a real societal demand.


How to explain such an infatuation with clean label products?

There are many reasons that explain this growing interest. The fact that certain additives have shown their dangerous potential is one of the principle reasons. Sceptical consumers no longer trust certain brands and demand more transparency. They want to play a role in their consumption and to make educated choices about the products they eat or drink. It is in this spirit that a number of help applications have been created such as Yuka or Kwalito. Armed with their smartphones, consumers hunt for additives. Another decisive factor is lifestyle. Increasingly linked to lifestyle is the consumer’s desire to create a bond with the earth and growers. They are looking for authenticity and natural products.


A challenge for manufacturers in the market

It has now been years since manufacturers have studied the subject of how to offer products that address this strong consumer demand: recipe simplification, removal of artificial ingredients, etc. However, replacing an artificial ingredient with a natural one is not always so simple. It is important to maintain an equivalent expiration date despite the lack of preservatives while maintaining the organoleptic properties and a competitive production cost. Ennolys’ natural flavors represent a solution for guaranteeing quality products that meet market demand.


Ennolys’ natural solutions, clean label solutions

Manufacturers must therefore adapt to consumer demand while bringing innovative solutions to the marketplace. This can be obtained by reformulating recipes by eliminating additives and allergens and by reducing the list of ingredients through biosourcing, etc. Ennolys’ natural fermentation-derived flavors are the solution of choice for manufacturers in this effort. Indeed, Ennolys offers a wide range of fermentation-derived natural aromatic molecules. They are developed for flavorists and food industry markets, functional/neutraceutical and cosmetic. To address manufacturers’ needs Ennolys has created the Ennarom line offering flavors derived from natural products. Ennolys has also developed Ennalin, fermentation-derived natural vanilline.


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