Sustainable production Ennolys - Ennolys
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Sustainable production Ennolys


Sustainable production Ennolys

Sustainability, an essential criterion for Ennolys’ ingredients

Sustainable sourcing: consumers’ expectation

Today, consumers are more and more attentive to the criteria of transparency, traceability, and naturalness, as well as the localness of the products they consume. In fact, 86% of consumers are « adopting engaged consumption with respect for humans, animals, and the environment » [1]. And for 58% of French people, the most important information in choosing a food product is its geographic origin[2].

Consumers’ expectations and demands drive their purchases. But this also creates a direct impact on sourcing choices and production measures in companies serving these consumers.


Ennolys’ expertise : production of sustainable ingredients

A range of natural fermentation-induced flavors

Ennolys’ products answer naturally to the search for sustainability as our brand range is made up of flavors all fermentation-derived:

  • Ennallin, our flagship molecule : a natural vanillin flavor, obtained from grain-derived (rice, corn) ferulic acid bioconversion
  • Ennarom, our large range of natural flavors : comprised of a variety of aromatic molecules (acids, lactones, aldehydes, ketones, etc.), products from natural raw materials

All of our flavors comply with the « natural flavor » label defined by the European and American regulations.

Fermentation, is, in fact, a sustainable process, already used for many years in bread making, fermented drinks (beer, wine), and cheese production. Ennolys’ know-how thus consists of utilizing this natural phenomenon to allow microorganisms to create particularly interesting flavor molecules.


Ingredients created from clean label products

Ennolys’ quest for sustainability is not limited to the use of fermentation : we pay close attention to our ingredients and our production so as to offer clean label finished products. We are trending exclusively toward sourcing natural raw materials. In addition, our flavors allow us to obtain finished products with few ingredients and an improved nutritional makeup. In fact, thanks to these, the amount of additives, sugars and fats can be reduced.


Made in France products

In conclusion, we make all of the products at our Soustons site in the Landes region. Thanks to this production choice, we limit our environmental impact in terms of transport, and are able to guarantee 100% Made in France production.


Natural, clean label, Made in France : Ennolys’ ingredients have numerous benefits in terms of sustainability. Would you like to use them in your products?

Don’t hesitate to contact us to solidify your projects.


[1] Kantar Worldpanel, 2019

[2] Etude Opinionway pour FrenchFood Capital, Les Français et l’alimentation : exigence et vigilance sur la composition et la qualité des produits, 2018